We are so excited to launch our new “Come Together Campaign!” This will be a YMCA led community initiative that allows for us to do weekly projects and activities together as a community on the same day, but on our own! So together, we will have a HUGE impact on making our community a better place as well as sharing positivity and joy with others.


Project #1: Heart Decorating on April 18th

The first project that we challenge you all to do is:
*Decorate your front windows or doors with paper hearts!

This is a fun activity that has gone viral all across the country! The #worldofhearts initiative began as a way for people to share love with others. When you drive by someone’s house you can see the hearts and be reminded that we are all in this together.

Share photos of you doing this project on your own or with your family! You can complete this project at any time throughout the day on Saturday, April 18th. If you have already completed this project with your family please share your photos in the event. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Project #2: Brighten Someone’s Day Complete sometime before May 15th

Do you want to help us brighten someone’s day? The Sterling-Rock Falls YMCA is partnering with senior homes in the area to bring love, inspiration and friendly “hello’s” to the seniors and our entire community who may be struggling with social distancing. We are asking kids, adults or anyone interested in doing one or all of the following below to brighten someone else’s day! Just upload your your colorful picture or letter to the account below and we will share with the community.

1) Letter – Write a Letter or a Poem of encouragement or joy

2) Picture – Paint or draw a colorful picture of any kind that will lift up someone’s spirits

3) Coloring Page- Color your favorite picture and share a special message

Upload your designs to us in this Google Form!